Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are OIR members allowed to bring in guests? If so, how long can they stay?

Yes, we encourage all of our members to bring in guests as long as they adhere to Civic Hall’s Code of Conduct. Guests are allowed to stay for up to 3-hours, after this time (or if they do not sign out) you will be charged a $35 dollar guest charge per incident.



2. Are OIR members required to pay for room bookings? If so, how much do these bookings cost?


This program offers recipients 5 free hours of conference room time per month. After the allotted 5 hours, you are required to pay for any additional bookings. All rooms will be the standard price, which can be found on our Membership Guide. Phone rooms are free of charge but must be reserved. If you need assistance reserving a room, please visit the Welcome Desk for quick assistance. 



3. What are the community engagement requirements for this program?
As with all people in our general scholarship program, participants will also be expected to contribute to larger the Civic Hall community by actively participating in community events, offering workshop or skill shares at least once a quarter.


4. Can my organization host events at Civic Hall?

Yes! We truly enjoy hearing member feedback and ideas on how to make the community a more enjoyable and engaging space for all members. Your event ideas are always encouraged and we invite you to fill our event request form. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Tamika Taylor, our Events Manager who would be happy to assist!

5. Are lockers available for members to use? If so, how much do they cost?

Yes, our OIR Participants are welcome to enjoy all the same benefits as any other member of Civic Hall. We have 2 types of lockers available: day lockers and monthly lockers. Day lockers are for daytime use and cannot be used overnight. Any items found in these lockers will be relocated to our Lost & Found bin and reported in the accompanying Slack channel. Monthly lockers are available to rent full-time for $50/mo. (these charges will be reflected on your invoice and can be prorated as necessary). 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that have surfaced during the Residence Program. Please check below for answers to some similar questions you might have. Also, if you need further clarification on any items, please email us at

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